We provide services, with the right dose of ability & passion for what we do.

The company provides services of needs analysis, design and development of computer monitoring of the operation of the companies, installation and adaptation of the business software, continuous training of the operators as well as the continuous support of its operation. At the same time, it offers all the services of design and implementation of fixed and wireless networks, the installation of Servers and terminals and the integration of the peripheral equipment in a single environment.

Ανάλυση Αναγκών
Needs Analysis

We analyze your needs and isolate the exact problem or demand

Μηχανογράφηση Επιχειρήσεων
Business Computerization

We methodically design and develop computer monitoring of the operation of your business

Εκπαίδευση των Χειριστών
Operator Training

We make sure that the operators of our products are adequately and regularly trained

Hardware – Υποδομές
Hardware – Infrastracture

We design and implement fixed and wireless networks, as we install Server & terminals