PYLON ERP is a function management software that allows a company through the automation of processes, services and resources to achieve optimal results and sound management decisions.

The innovation of PYLON ERP is reflected in its technological “intelligence” to provide complete solutions, which effectively meet the needs of a modern business.

The need to shield profitability and financial health is the number one demand for companies today. Limited monitoring of business operations and incomplete data from unrelated information systems lead to erroneous decisions.

All this is a thing of the past with PYLON ERP.

Having in a central point and in real time the supervision of the whole company, with PYLON ERP you manage the critical functions in relation to their initial budget and you gain the financial control through valid and complete information.


  • Inventory
  • Purchases
  • Production
  • CRM
  • Sales
  • Financial & Accounting
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Service

In Details:

Warehouse – Items Management

Item management with Serial Numbers and Lots with the ability to monitor quality characteristics per batch
Detailed table of movements of the items based on which the cost price of each item has been formed
Assortment monitoring, items in Color / Size
Item set / kit monitoring
Shipping – Pickup-packing
Proposal for Repurchase of items based on security limit & repurchase limit of company, branch, warehouse
Monitoring of items in alternative units of measurement of purchases-sales
Possibility of activating nine (9) different prices in the type in addition to the functionality of the price lists
Item Standards with the possibility of assigning rights
Multiple attributes per family of species for quick collection – retrieval. Categorization of species in either simple or arboreal form
Item families and Standard items for quick registration and error avoidance
Ability to manage and change the price list from the category “Items”
Item Costing Scenario: Ability to create forecasts for outstanding quantities of Delivery Notes, Ability to create a scenario for cost-of-sale documents, Creating scenarios for costing a product based on composition.

Production Circuit

Ability to monitor multiple factories per company
Ability to monitor multiple departments / work centers per factory
Multiple Phases & multiple production phases per Pheasant
Possibility per phase of production to monitor the hours of machines, employees, number of workers, etc.
Ability to monitor production and materials per batch, batch quality characteristics and special characteristics
Monitoring of semi-finished, co-derivatives and by-products
Ability to create a production order from a sales order
Complete monitoring of production process
Quick Production Input Screen: Generate production orders from production and consumption warehouse documents
MRP production scenarios, creating orders to the supplier for the supply of raw materials from registered production orders
Production costing scenarios with division of overhead costs, Labor, Other Expenses
Sharing production costing costs based on factory, department, work center, type, Phasing, accounting query in the database for collecting costs from anywhere in the application
Sources of exit from accounting systems, Charges, free exit, query in the database
Production costing based on a scenario and the possibility of performing a production process per step, eg calculation of costs, production costs, formal costing (creation of warehouse documents).

Purchasing – Sales Circuit

Integrated deposit management in Commercial Documents
Manage sales offers with calendar validity for specific items or price list items
Gift Voucher Circuit Monitoring
Turnover credit circuit
Possibility of Portable Pricing (on the go)
Add a report Daily transaction sheet with complete information picture with date range or specific date
Analysis of discounts per item line on a commercial document
Add a new tab “Transactions” in the parameter screen of the Transformation of documents, in which it is possible to specify different Transactions of Invoicing, Order, Shipping for the Documents to be created
Visual parameterization of the size of the header lines and the rest of the document
Organizational chart-based approvals through the integrated approval flow circuit
Possibility to choose complex commercial policies for the management of purchases / sales

CRM circuit

Ability to monitor resources through the organization of calendars of departments, groups, agendas
Mass information campaigns via Email and SMS
Questionnaire Management (standalone or through campaigns)
Group classroom management (functionality for tutorials, gyms, etc.)
Management of Repair Requests with CRM actions (Troubleshooting, resolution instructions, resources, ordering spare parts, creating commercial documents)
Gift voucher management through rewards programs
Integrated Protocol circuit
Dynamic lists for automatic payment of late payments as well as for sending sms on holidays, birthdays
Repeated actions at regular intervals with a long-term adjustment
Automatic energy flows: create new energy depending on the result
CRM lifecycle with automated multiple executions

Financial Management

Ability to monitor computerized checks
Integrated sales-Purchase contract monitoring circuit
Monitoring of works per project and the possibility of connecting projects with contracts
Procurement monitoring plans aggregated and scaled by item category, customer category
Calculation of commissions based on sales, receipts, received sales, etc.
Cash flow monitoring circuit with the possibility of changing amounts and simultaneous change of arrangements
Ability to monitor budget circuit

Service circuit

Multiple monitoring of workshops per branch
Multiphase monitoring of workshops
Guarantee Monitoring
Service history
Multiple Pricing
Periodic Maintenance Management
Service Request Management
Work Orders: Internal, External & Third Party with flexible billing system (Customer, Guarantee, Insurance, Gross)
Simple & Hierarchical Repair Tasks, with alternative pricing methods
Categorization by Manufacturer, Team & Model

Transaction Management

Ability to define customer credit control either with a specific scenario or with specific values
Ability to monitor open item customers by dimension (seller, collector, project, business unit, contract, etc.)
Ability to instantly view CRM actions

Accounting Circuit

Possibility of simultaneous use of haplographic and bibliographic systems
Monitoring of primary and secondary accounting systems
Integrated Forms of accounting, periodic VAT, Income Taxation

Management of Pesticides

Automatic separation of items (pesticides) per document for immediate finding of the desired data
Immediate creation of documents and automatic sending to the Ministry of Rural Development & Food
Immediate creation of documents and automatic sending to the Ministry of Rural Development & Food
Easily update the PPP directory on your screen. Up to date list for all new product imports or removal of old ones
Synchronization of information from the Ministry of Rural Development & Food with data concerning Regions, Municipalities, Crops, Agricultural products

Petroleum Management

Full monitoring of heating oil circulation on one screen and distribution of tasks as a priority
Submission of forms to the Hephaestus system without errors and omissions that will create a deadlock in the process
Automatic entry of data for the creation & completion of heating oil forms for submission
Pricing on the go quickly and easily with PYLON Sales Force Automation adding speed and security to transactions
Automatic updating of the Hephaestus Heating Oil Management Information System of the Independent Public Revenue Authority


EPSILON DIGITAL – Certified Electronic Invoicing Provider

Possibility of connection with the Service of Certified Provider of Electronic Invoicing, EPSILON DIGITAL, for electronic sending, authentication, acceptance and archiving of invoices / documents with automated procedures.
Learn more about the service

Electronic Books A.A.D.E.

Fully harmonized with the new electronic platform myDATA (Digital Accounting and Tax Application) with which A.A.D.E. Introduces E-Books to Businesses.


Access to information, as well as data processing can be done by desktop client, web explorer and Mobile Applications (Android / iOS) with faster development of business need in an environment with simultaneous availability in different operating environments.

Pylon B2B

The ideal tool for wholesale customers that replaces traditional ordering methods. The technological superiority of PYLON, based on HYBRID technologies, gives immediacy to wholesale sales through an e-shop, reducing the time and cost of order management, while at the same time increasing the level of customer service.

Mobile Management

Ability to immediately inform the company’s executives using a mobile phone or tablet. An internet connection is enough and all the critical indicators of the business are immediately available, through a completely easy and modern graphical environment. Mobile Management provides real time information on the financial indicators of the company, customers, suppliers of items, etc .. In addition, it offers management of e-mails, scheduling for daily tasks (CRM Actions), but also direct management of approval flows.

Warehouse Management System

Complete monitoring of physical warehouses by performing a Natural Inventory of multiple scenarios, recording locations of storage and movement of items with automatic creation of documents, control and management of Receipts – Shipping (picking / packing) by recording and monitoring any differences. Additional possibility of ERP communication with mobile devices in online & offline mode.

Power Analytics

The technologically upgraded POWER ANALYTICS visualize the performance of the company and export reports presenting with graphs the new trends that are created. The benefit lies in the possibility of immediate corrective actions and re-examination of the business objectives


A complete CRM information system speeds up a company’s processes and monitors their progress. Contributes to the perfect exchange of information between company departments while improving service and business relationships with customers

Mobile Order

Ability to register customer orders, receipts, and CRM actions on a tablet without the need for continuous communication of the tablet with the application server of Pylon.

Cloud & Data Security

Following the strategic partnership of the Epsilon Net group with Microsoft (Azure, Office 365, Skype for Business), follows the distinction “Gold Cloud Platform” as Microsoft Partner, proving the specialization in Cloud applications in combination with the data security offered by Azure.

Productivity Indicators

Display of the history of users’ actions, analysis of the functions of corporate resources in order to utilize the result of productivity indicators. Time, resources, production, opportunities are utilized for the benefit of the company

Mobile CRM

Enter CRM actions from Tablet without the need to constantly connect to the application. Possibility of immediate financial information from any point and at any time

Administrative Functions

Online information of the company’s finances in order to improve the quality of services and the correct decision regarding future processes and transactions